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Mental Health Services for Nursing Homes

Put your mind at ease with a psychologist or clinical social worker present in your nursing home. We can work with one facility or a network of facilities in order to provide comprehensive care to your residents.

We work to provide a crucial mental health component to round out your team of doctors and nurses and to provide a collaborative, holistic approach to the health of your residents. By working with your health team, we’ll analyze issues and concerns at a high level in order to ensure proper care of your facility’s residents.

Call us today at 330.764.7916 to talk to us about the psychological care needs in your long-term care facility. Our staff is experienced and ready to work with your nursing home to provide excellent mental health services. We know this population and the concerns that they face as well as the issues that facilities face when bringing a mental health services team on board. Let’s work together to find solutions for you.

When you bring PCI mental health professionals on board, you can expect

  • Experienced geropsychologists with specialized training in gerontology
  • The same psychologist or clinical social worker in your facility on the same day every week
  • A psychologist or clinical social worker who works collaboratively and holistically as a part of your health team
  • Someone who will help train your staff on addressing mental health concerns and referrals
  • Open, honest and confidential communication between our professionals and your residents and facility staff
  • 24/7 availability for emergencies and behavioral crises
  • Timely billing and insurance paperwork managed by our staff
  • 100% HIPAA compliance