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The Rewards of a Career in Geriatric Psychology

For geriatric psychologists, each day is full of challenges, surprises and fulfillment. For many, it’s a rewarding career, unlike any other specialty in healthcare. By working with elderly patients, psychologists have the opportunity to:

1. Cultivate meaningful relationships with patients and their families

At private practice facilities and hospitals, patients tend to come-and-go, making it difficult to develop long-term, impactful relationships. At long-term care facilities, psychologists have the ability to regularly meet with their patients over the course of several months—even years. They develop personal connections with patients and their families, as they help them to cope with depression, isolation and other mental health disorders.

2. Work in a nurturing environment

The clinical teams at long-term care facilities truly care about their residents. By taking a collaborative approach to patient care, geriatric psychologists have the opportunity to positively influence a patient’s overall wellbeing, including their mental health.

3. Learn a new outlook on aging

For many individuals, the thought of aging can seem frightening and overwhelming. Working with elderly patients helps to curb those feelings and provides many psychologists with a new perspective on aging. They learn to evaluate their priorities in life, spending more time focused on what truly matters—friends and family.

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