PCI’s mission in Paraguay - Gallery

Psychology Consultants has made giving back to its community and its world a priority since Dr. Thomas McArthy founded the company in 1996.

Our mission in Paraguay is a prime example. Here are Dr. McArthy’s words about how a friend’s journey to Paraguay affected him many years ago and inspired him to get PCI involved: 

"My friend decided to build a first-grade school down there, then they added a second grade, a third grade. A few years ago, they graduated their first high school class.

 “I knew PCI needed to support this school in some regard. So we started sending money down there every month for two kids to get their books, clothing and other things they needed to attend school.

 “We've been doing this for probably 15 years, maybe longer, because I knew how important it was.”

Later, one of our psychologists was headed to Paraguay on another matter and PCI sent money with her to use on the children at the school. That money was used to purchase a top-quality soccer ball for every kid in the school.

This and other initiatives has helped McArthy realize his dream for the company. “Helping people in every way is our mission,” he said.

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